Examining the Composition and the Socio-Cultural and Educational Values of the Guren? Riddle
Patrick Atanga Aduko

The study is about theGuren? riddle which precedes the narration of the folktale in most instances among the Farefari people of the Upper-East Region of Ghana. The study examined the Composition and the Socio-cultural and Educational Values of the Guren? Riddle. The purposive sampling technique was used and the design of the study was the qualitative research since the analyses of the data was mainly descriptive. The sample size of the population of the study were two renowned storytellers and their corresponding respondents and the audience from the Boo?o-Sapuur? and B?lega-S?kabiisi communities. The instruments used for the data collection were an unstructured interview of the storytellers and a participatory observation of the narrationsof the riddles by the researcher. The findings confirmed that the Guren? riddle is an integral part of the storytelling process. Apart from the riddle being an effective source of meaningful entertainment to the youth, its importance, such as imparting the values ofrespect, tolerance,truthfulness,cultural awareness, and the enhancement of knowledge and wisdom for educational purposes to the youth were found to be worth the attention.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v11n2a5