Developing a Teacher Training Model in Managing Student Behavior
Sofia Moutiaga, Ioanna Papavassiliou-Alexiou

A literature review on effective student behaviour management methods shows a shift from punishment to prevention and positive intervention. However, teacher trainings in these areas are proven to be insufficient as they fail to meet special needs and change in-service teachers‟ practices. The present study, based on effective student behaviour management methods (Positive Behaviour Support and Social Emotional Learning approaches) and evidence of successful professional training (derived from Adult Learning Theories), proposes a model of teacher training in managing student behaviour.The model consists of three complementary axes applied simultaneously: live instructional group meetings, distance learning and individual coaching sessions. The adaptation and pilot implementation of the model in a middle school in Thessaloniki-Greece are described as well as the methodological design for the evaluation of it simpact on teachers and their students. If beneficial, this model could become a stepping stone to effectively training teachers in managing student behavior in Greece and internationally.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v10n4a4