What Do You Expect? Low Self-Control Predicts College Newcomer Expectations
David B. Yerger, Amber L. Stephenson, Seema Rivera, D. Alex Heckert

This article investigates the association between low self-control and college newcomer expectations. Examining data from 294 first-year students, the results suggested that low self-control was statistically associated with social expectations (e.g. Greek life, parties) and not associated with formal student affairs related expectations (e.g. campus activities, clubs) or academic expectations (e.g. taking classes, meeting classmates). Existing research literature identifies several channels through which students’ unmet expectations about how college is going to be adversely impacts their academic progress. Institutions may benefit by targeting outreach towards individuals likely to exhibit low self-control, tempering their college newcomer expectations to offer a more realistic preview of their likely lived experience to improve satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v10n1a2