K-12 Educators’ Perceived Support of English Learners’ Education.
Kennedy O. Ongaga, Ph.D.; Rebecca Y. Stallings, M.H.S.; Mary M. Ombonga, Ph.D.

The current study used a survey design to examine educators‟ perceptions of district and schools‟ support of English Learners‟ (ELs‟) education in a large midwest school district in the U.S. Participants included 16 elementary and secondary school principals and 61 staff working directly with EL students. Results revealed that participants perceived only moderate support for the education of ELs at the district level. At the building level, principals were perceived to be strongly supportive of the educational needs of EL students. However, high school educators rated principals‟ support lower than K-8 educators. Participants were moderately favorable towards schools‟ practices to involve the community in support of ELs and their families. Female educators rated schools lower on the scale of involving the community than their male counterparts. Given the upsurge of EL students in U.S. schools, there is an urgent need for districts and school leaders to prioritize research-based programs and practices that have the potential to improve teachers‟ pedagogical skills and the educational outcomes and experiences of ELs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v10n1a1